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  • The “Immigration Issue”

    Recently I saw this posting from a friend on Facebook.  The article is about an illegal immigrant named Raymond Fok.  He came into the country legally . . . he is still here illegally:

    Read article for NYTIMES

    I don’t know the person she sent the article to, but based on his response, I’m confident this person does not have a grasp on the immigration issue.  I’m not sure that most people understand the immigration issue; I’m certainly not claiming that I fully understand the immigration issue, but I do know that its much more complicated than most people consider.

    Most people seem to think that the “immigration issue” has to do with securing our borders against would be terrorists.  Obviously that’s a part of it, but really, a very small part.  Most of the 9/11 terrorists came into the country legally . . . so “border control” would not have made a difference.  I think we can unfortunately assume that most terrorists will have the resources and wherewithal to not risk entering the US illegally.  If we’re brutally honest, “border control” seems to be code for “keep out Mexicans”.  I don’t hear the governors of Maine, Michigan or Montana ; but I do hear those terms used by Texas, Arizona and California, so I assume the term must be referring to Mexico.

    So apparently the “immigration issue” is not about national defense, so what is it about?  Jobs?  Racism? Gangs?  Espionage?  Drugs?


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