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    OK, so we’ve established the basic financial plan of How to Save the NBA.  Here are the player movement rules:

    1. #1 Superstar Players can sign three year contracts
    2. Playoff teams can protect ANY two players for next year
    3. Conference Champs can protect ANY three players for next year
    4. NBA Champs can protect ANY five players for next year
    5. Any player that is protected holds player option to move up a salary slot if possible, before team fills vacancies
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  • Not often, but occasionally, I come up with some ideas that really are genius.  The other day I was watching a highlight about a Summer League basketball game comprised of NBA players from Los Angeles vs Washington DC.  All of a sudden I had one of those strokes of genius and realized I knew how to save the NBA!

    As I understand it, here are the problems of the NBA: Read the rest of this entry »

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