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  • So gay rights is hot topic national topic lately, but this week in particular, and one that I felt for whatever reason I wanted to comment on . . . largely I think because it seems that I only read/hear emotional rants pro/con. And I’m also tired of feeling a little intimidated I guess in expressing a view that seems contrary to trends . . .

    My views on gay marriage is different than gay rights, and yes, it is partly construed from religious beliefs. The moral arguments tend to be more relative and less objective, and while arguably should hold more consideration in the legal argument, technically is not overly relevant. But beyond the religious/moral, I’m more comfortable in my own personal position on gay marriage supported by a legal stand point (thanks EWE for the education and to borrow that phrase) . . .

    So the legal arguments and considerations as I understand it are these:

    1- Marriage is not a Federal Court issue. It’s a state issue . . . always has been (everyone is all excited about this past week’s activities of US Supreme Court, but isn’t potentially relevant to resolving the issue . . . beyond PR). Currently a marriage license is a 3 way contract between 2 people and their state, not the US. This really doesn’t address “the movement” per se, but I do think a relevant point to the discussion.
    2- Marriage is not an inalienable right, i.e. there is not an inherent legal right to marry.  That sounds a little harsh, but there it is.  Basically each State has a right to determine whether it’s in its best interest to enter into and sanction a marriage contract with specific citizens.  Interestingly, many states don’t recognize an automatic legal right to divorce either.
    3- The argument for the traditional definition of marriage has been refined and proven over hundreds and even thousands of years. Namely that society benefits by the sanction of contractual endorsement of marriage between man, woman, and government. Obviously it’s not always a perfect union, but economically, practically, socially, it’s been proven to be the best foundation of a productive society.
    4- What is the societal benefit to gay marriage? Is it possible that man/man or woman/woman, and government based contracts can be a benefit to society? Yes, it’s possible, but the amount of data supporting that thesis pales in comparison to the thousands of years and hundreds of societies/governments based on “traditional” marriage . . . everyone’s anecdotal examples aside. No matter what, there is always going to be an inherent advantage of procreation for “traditional” based societies vs. “gay” based societies.  If I as a citizen want to change the speed limit from 55 to 75, I need to show and prove what the societal benefit is.
    5- This is not a civil rights issue. It seems many in the gay movement are attempting to turn this into a 14th amendment issue and link their cause to slavery/abolition and women’s suffrage. I believe that’s manipulative and proportionally offensive. But this practically may be one of the few ways to attempt to legitimize in a legal argument.

    Finally, a few personal thoughts on the issue.

    1- Because I disagree with you, doesn’t mean I hate you, nor should it mean I’m a bigot. My mom thinks I eat too much and a bit overweight . . . but that doesn’t make her a bigot.
    2- This may sound a bit harsh, but . . . life isn’t fair. Is that a reasonable “catch-all” for this issue? Perhaps not, and I don’t mean to minimize a large sized issue, but the point is, does everything in society have to be altered to make it “fair” for us individually?
    3- As a Mormon, I can think of no greater challenge than to be Gay and Mormon. And I have tremendous respect for those I know that are and the struggles they have.
    4- For those friends of mine that are gay, and are truly being persecuted, please let me know . . . I’d like to stand with you and fight on your behalf.

  • Recently I saw this posting from a friend on Facebook.  The article is about an illegal immigrant named Raymond Fok.  He came into the country legally . . . he is still here illegally:

    Read article for NYTIMES

    I don’t know the person she sent the article to, but based on his response, I’m confident this person does not have a grasp on the immigration issue.  I’m not sure that most people understand the immigration issue; I’m certainly not claiming that I fully understand the immigration issue, but I do know that its much more complicated than most people consider. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • This is a column that I wrote in 2009 shortly after Obama’s election.  With a new election cycle coming . . . I thought appropriate.

    To set the record straight, I’m not really an Obama supporter. I consider myself a moderate Republican, and thus found myself “supporting” McCain, although I wasn’t too fond of him either. Now that the election is over however, Obama is now as much “my” President as anyone elses, and thus the POTUS has my support. I love America, and I love the office of the President, and therein lies the hope of Obama. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

    Remember all the talk about “stimulus packages” and “bailouts”?  We got used to talking and thinking about big numbers and counting zeroes . . .

    • A million dollars… $1,000,000
    • A billion dollars… $1,000,000,000
    • A hundred billion dollars… $100,000,000,000
    • One TRILLION dollars… $1,000,000,000,000

    But what does it LOOK like?? Read the rest of this entry »

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